Terms & Conditions of Play 4 Cups

1. Introduction

As a user on cup.myrevenge.net you accept all rules and terms mentioned below. It is solely the user's responsibility to stay updated and informed on these rules.

The purpose of rules and terms is to secure a great place to be (no cheating, good attitude, etc.) including fairplay in tournaments (tournament rules).
2. House rules

On cup.myrevenge.net we have some important rules, that you must obey at ALL times. Apart from these rules there are several tournament rules.

Mentioned below are a couple of rules we like to call "house rules". If these rules are not respected, you can not be a part of Play 4 Cup Events.

  1. Bring a decent attitude
  2. Respect one another and keep a sober tone. Condescending or provoking language is strictly forbidden and will NOT be tolerated. Unacceptable behaviour will result in exclusion from myrevenge - even if you're in the middle of a tournament.
  1. Cheating never pays off
  2. If you cheat it will lead to immediate suspension from myrevenge tournaments. myrevenge solely decides the length of the suspension. By repeating violations (returning from suspension and cheating again) you will be excluded permanently.

3. Anti Cheat

Cheating is one if the biggest problems in Esport - a problem we take very serious! We always do our absolutely best to fight this problem efficiently, so we can have a platform, that is attractive for everyone to play on.

We have skilled and qualified admins and judges, and there will be immediate consequences if you're caught cheating.

If you're accused of cheating, you will be required to upload an "in-eye" demo within the next 15 minutes. If this demo can not be provided, you will be disqualified from the tournament. The demo will be inspected thoroughly. If the accused is found suspicious by an admin or judge, it will be inspected by more admins or judges, whereafter a decision will be made. If the accused is deemed guilty, the player will be suspended from our platform through SteamID.

A first time violator will be suspended, and that suspension period is solely decided by myRevenge. Repeating violators (after ended suspension period) will be excluded permanently.

myRevenge will solely decide the punishments around exclusions and suspensions. You can NOT appeal this verdict.


  1. Prepatory work
  2. Check the suspect's Steam resume and in-game hours. Hours do certainly not mean everything, but it gives a hint of how experienced the player is.
  3. Contact an admin while the game is live
  4. We have admins and judges available to follow the given match live. Contact us on Discord:
  5. Be confident in your case
  6. Reporting is not made for fun. Investigating players that are suspected for cheating is a very resource-consuming process, and if this service is abused, we reserve the right to suspend the reporting user on myRevenge for "false accusations".
  7. Take note of rounds
  8. Information about when the cheating has happened will make our work easier and more efficient when investigating a suspect.
  9. I am accused! What do I do now?
  10. If you have been accused of cheating, you will have to upload an in-eye demo within 15 minutes after an admin or judge has contacted you. The demo will be inspected thoroughly. If the accused is found suspicious by an admin or judge, it will be inspected by more admins or judges, whereafter a decision will be made. If the accused is deemed guilty, the player will be suspended from our platform through SteamID.

We reserve the rights of not putting a tournament on halt to investigate an in-eye demo if the reported player has previously already been accused of cheating and declared clean, or if a tournament admin has already been spectating the accused player throughout some of or the entire tournament on GOTV. However, depending on the circumstances we will have one or more admins spectate the following matches on GOTV.


All players with a VAC ban that is less than two years old (730 days) are not allowed to participate in any matches on our platform. Dodging this rule by playing on a secondary account will lead to an exclusion.

Players with an active ban on any major external platform (i.e. FACEIT, CEVO, ESEA etc.) are not allowed to participate in any matches on our platform. This rule applies only to cheating related bans.


It is not allowed to use third-party scripts like AutoHotkey or other third-party programs.

Only buy-scripts are allowed. Usage of other scripts will lead to a disqualification.
4. Tournament rules

Our tournament rules for the different tournaments are described under each individual tournament where you sign up.
It is your responsibility to read these thoroughly. Following tournament rules are our standard tournament rules.
  1. Before match start
  2. Your in-game name must be the same as your profile name on myRevenge.
  3. There will be GOTV on all servers.
  4. Stand-in & coach
  5. All stand-ins and coaches must be added before tournament starts. These changes can be made up until two minutes before tournament start. After this, changes to the lineup can not be made and you are forced to play as 4 players throughout the tournament.
  6. Special circumstances may occur for tournaments that span over more than one day.
  7. Match start
  8. If a team is not ready within 15 minutes after match start, the opposing team can ask for "walkover". Contact an admin through our Discord channel.
  9. It is legal to start a match with 4 players or less.
  10. * "Match start" is when the server IP is given.
  11. Pause during a match
  12. Pause can only be called during freezetime.
  13. Each team has 300 seconds of pause-time available in each half. By typing !pause in the in-game chat, the pause will start during next freezetime.
  14. Exemption can be asked for if technical issues occur.
  15. Record demo
  16. All matches played on Play 4 Cup Events must be recorded as an "in-eye" demo. The player is solely responsible of uploading this demo to an admin, if required. If an "in-eye" demo has NOT been recorded, and you have been accused of cheating, you will be disqualified.

myRevenge reserves the right to change the rules at any given moment, should this be necessary. It is solely the players responsibility to stay updated and informed with the rules.
5. Premium and membership

Mentioned below are the rules and terms that are applied for Premium and members at myRevenge.

Do I manually have to purchase a subscription each month!
Yes, all subscriptions are not automatically renewed after the chosen period expires.

What if I regret my purchase?
The 7 days of right of revocation is lost when you start playing on myRevenge. If your profile has been inactive after the purchase you can have your money back in up to 7 days after your first payment.

Can I downgrade my subscription?
You can downgrade your subscription by the end of your paid period.

myRevenge and Play 4 Cup Serie reserves the right to change our prices. This must be warned about, atleast one month before it is applied.
6. General terms and conditions

The following activities are not allowed and are a significant violation of the Terms and Conditions:
  1. Secret arrangements with a third part.
  2. Use of unfair assets or influence (generally known as cheating), like misuse of bugs, glitches or errors in our software.
  3. Undertake fraudulent activities for your advantage, like use of stolen, copied or in any way unauthorized credit-, debit- or other payment cards.
  4. We will take fair steps to prevent these sort of activities; find out about it and the relevant parties behind such activities and handle the relevant parties suitingly. We will not be responsible for loss or damage, that you or any other player can cause you, followed by secret, fraudulent or in any way illegal activity or cheating and every action we take according to this, will be at our own extent.
  5. If you suspect that a person is making use of fixed player, cheating or participating in fraudulent activities, you must report this to us immediately on following e-mail address support@myrevenge.net
  6. We reserve the fight to inform relevant authorities and banks, credit card companies, electronic payment providers or other financial institutes about any suspicion of illegal, fraudulent or unfitting activity. You accept to fully cooperate with us during investigation of such activities.
  7. We reserve the right to hold back payment/prizes, if we have documentation that:
  8. - Doubt of one or more players have been cheating.
  9. - Fixed play has taken place.
  10. - A player has multiple previous bans that have affected the outcome of the game, or contributed to a negative atmosphere within the game. (i.e. griefing/negative attitude)
  11. We reserve the right to cancel games and/or events in all cases of the matters named above, and in other cases where misuse of any form has been registered.


You should not be using the site for any purpose, that is considered to be defamatory, insulting, racist, sexist discriminating, or offensive. You may not use any form of insulting or aggressive language or picture; harass or misuse another person, like other users or behave any way alike to any of the employees.

You may not ruin the site, flood the site with information that could lead to the site not functioning. You can not use any methods to ruin functions on the site in any way. As an example (but not limited to) spreading virus, worms, logic bombs or alike. Mass post or spam are strictly forbidden. You may not harm, remove or in any way change information that are presented on the site.

You should use the site exclusively for personal entertainment. You may not reproduce the site or any parts of it, in any way without our written approval.
You may not try and gain unauthorized access to the site, the servers, where the site is stored or any server, datamachine or database associated with the site. You may not attack the site through denial-of-service attacks or alike. By breach of this determination we will report you the the relevant law enforcement authorities and cooperate with these by giving them your identity. In case of such use, your right to use the site will cease immediately.

We will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, virus or other technological damaging material that can infect your computer equipment, computer program, data or any related material, followed by your use of the site or downloading by material put out on sites alike or in any way connected to the site.
It is illegal to sell, transfer and/or retrieve accounts from other players.


Your access to and use of the products that are offered through the site, is by own choice, extent and risk.

We will offer a site with fair skill and care and importance as described in the terms and conditions.

We have not conducted any promises according to the site or the products that are offered through the site and we with that we exclude (in the exten the law allows it) all implied guarantees with regard to the same.


You must fully compensate us for any claims, obligations, costs, expenses (including attorneys fees) and any other charges that may arise as a result of your breach of terms.

Where you are in significant breach of the terms, we reserve the right but are not required to:
  1. Give you notice (through your contact information) when you are in violation, that you must stop the relevant action or missing action.
  2. Suspend your account, so you are no longer capable of playing through the site.
  3. Shut down your account, with or without prior notice form us.
  4. Collect the amount of your account for any payments, bonuses or winnings that have been affected by the violation.
  5. We are entitled to disable any user identification or password if we believe you have failed to comply with the provisions of the Terms.


We will always as frequent as possible keep our tournament schedule updated, where we at every tournament will establish a number of expected registrations. Cash prizes will be established according to the expected amount of registrations.

We therefore reserve the right to at any given time to regulate the cash prizes, given we do not receive the expected amount of registrations. Alternatively, the tournament will be canceled, if there are not enough registrations.

If you win a prize at myRevenge that is taxable, you are obliged to report this to the appropriate authorities at any time. myRevenge can never be held responsible for any tax related circumstances in any given country.

If you and your team participate in a qualifier and win physical gear prizes, you are obligated to participate in the following playoffs in order to claim the prize.

Upon review of a demo in connection with cheat accusations, myRevenge does not commit to submitting the demo to the prosecutor, and myRevenge independently evaluates whether a player is cheating or not.

If you do not follow the myRevenge House Rules, you will be penalized with a warning. Once you have been told that you must follow the House Rules and still do not obey to them, you will receive an "official warning". This is received as a pop up on your screen. The official warning is your last chance to obey the rules. Should you violate the rules once again, myRevenge reserves the right to exclude you from the website and platform in a period of time, solely decided by myRevenge

Repeated false accusations of both cheat and bad behavior can also result in a warning and subsequent exclusion.

If you are excluded from myRevenge while you have an active subscription, this will run to the following 1st of the month after which it will be paused until your suspension is over.

It is only allowed to have one account on myRevenge . In case of abuse, myRevenge reserves the right to cancel any membership and/or suspend any related accounts.


By signing up on cup.myRevenge.net you accept that we inform you by mail on upcoming tournaments, events, special deals and offers etc. You can disable this whenever you want if you don't want the opportunity to win a ton of cash!
7. myRevenge Shop

We only ship physical items within EU. Shipping can take up to 30 days as we don't have all items in stock. If you live outside EU, we need to process the order manually due to export/import rules and fees. Contact support@myrevenge.net in this case.

At myRevenge we don't house all products, we rely on distributors for some deliveries. If a given product is no longer available, myRevenge reserves the right to cancel the order and refund all MEP.

myRevenge Points (EP)
The myRevenge Shop runs with our own currency only; “MEP”. We don't accept any other currency than MEP. MEP does not have any similarity with real money and can't be cashed out or bought for any other currencies. The MEP you earn is tied to your myRevenge account. If you lose your account or get banned from myRevenge Play 4 Events, your MEP is lost. MEP can only be earned by playing on Play 4 Cups.

Physical items can be returned within 14 days (EU only). You are solely responsible for returns and all shipping costs related to this. We only accept items in their original packaging, sealed and unused.