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VeePN is among our favorite free vpn chrome providers and they had an impressive year in 2023. The company expanded its services throughout the year by providing servers in an array of different nations. They’re continuing that trend this year, already having added 2 servers in Australia, one in New Zealand, and one in Finland since 2023 began. This is only a continuation of a very impressive growth strategy.
Overall, this brought the company’s total servers in 2023 to more than 60 locations in 28 different nations. One of the great things about this expansion strategy on the part of VeePN is that it added nations that are typically off the beaten path to their lineup. Plenty of providers have servers in Germany, for instance, but not so many have them located in nations such as Egypt and Romania. With business becoming more global all the time, this means that VeePN is ready to provide for those users who need to have access to the greatest number of nations possible for their VPN service. VeePN now boasts a whopping address!

VeePN also expanded into new operating systems. The VeePN client now works with Mac OSx, allowing people on that operating system to get the same level of service out of VeePN that Windows users enjoy.

VPN services have become very popular with everyday people over the past few years and the competition among providers has made for some great deals on the service. Today, VeePN offers a plan that allows users to purchase on a multi-month basis. For those who are spending a few months at a school that blocks Internet access, this has obvious appeal. The company also offers a unlimited plan, putting them in a very competitive position relative to other providers. An entire year of service from this company, with unlimited bandwidth, costs under. With the pressure on VPN providers to get more customers, expect these types of pricing deals to expand even further with companies that make our top picks, such as.

VeePN is planning on continuing to expand its network throughout 2023, so this provider should be offering even more nations in the near future.

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The pricing options offered by VeePN are also competitive, with multi-month plans incredibox and unlimited bandwidth available at affordable rates. It will be interesting to see how VeePN continues to expand and improve its services in the future.

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Your blog has piqued a lot of real interest. I can see why since you have done such a good job of making it interesting. I appreciate your efforts very much.

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