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Taking the classic look of heritage Nike Running into a new realm, the Nike Air Max Pre-Day brings you a fast-paced look that's ready for today's nike shoes A true nod to the past with a design made from at least 20% recycled material by weight, it keeps the retro-athletics aesthetic alive.

The Nike Air Max Pre-Day doesn’t reinvent the visible Air-cushioned series that nike air max pre-day multi color debuted in 1987, but it breathes fresh air (no pun intended) into the lineup.Recently, the old school-informed proposition emerged in a “Sail” base overlaid with multiple spring-ready colors. Durable fabric lays the foundation for the pair’s upper, which boasts a straightforward layout in comparison to other Air Max designs.

Overlays at the tip of the toe, mid-foot and heel introduce hairy suede into the mix, 247feetserve as well as “Sanddrift,” faint yellow and coral tones. Panels along the tongue also indulge in spring-friendly hues, but the profile swooshes interrupt the pastel party with their “Black” arrangement. Underfoot, sol units maintain an understated ensemble relative to the upper, but Nike Grind material at the tread delivers its standard medley of recycled scraps, which provide a multi-color finish.

The Nike Air Max Pre-Day blends flavor from the 70s and combines it with modern-day design aesthetics. Constructed out of recycled materials including nike shoes women recycled polyester and synthetic suede, the shoe’s most notable feature is the part of the midsole that is hollowed-out to put even more of a spotlight on the Air unit. Additionally, this pair also comes equipped with an outsole using Nike’s Grind rubber made from repurposed foams.

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