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Cast Tele-other to a person of OSRS Items your world if you are there. If they're dumb enough to have accepted help the spot, they'll be welcomed by a huge window appearing at their screen, effectively disorienting them.If they're doing something that requires wielding an item, sacrifice the Gnomeball by throwing it at them. This will make them unequip their hatchet/pickaxe/net to catch the ball, and thus they will have one less space in their inventory.

They could also damage their pickaxe, pickaxe or net. This will cause them to not be able to skill any more. This isn't a good idea. They should have both their hands free. List of people who don't know how to read: Mini, Joe Iron-Arm, Tomes, Bwauder, Destinihunt, Lol. Hope you found this helpful or that it provided you with some ideas for teasing macros. Enjoy!

I had/have no problems with this quest; I'd like to share this bit of light-hearted humour I found during this quest: Once you speak to the knight and Reldo You head to Thurgo. Click on the right-click and choose Talk to Thurgo. There are a few options available: Skillscape for crafting. Something else.

Select "Skillcape of Smithing" to make your character say "That's quite a unique cape, isn't it?" Thurgo smiles and replies, "It's a skillcape of smithing. It proves that I am an expert Blacksmith. However, that is to be expected. "I am an Imcando dwarf And everyone knows that we are the top blacksmiths."

Then, right-click and talk to Thurgo again. Then, choose "Something more" and the character replies with "Hello." Are you an Imcando Dwarf?" Thurgo says, "Maybe. Who wants to Buy OSRS Accounts find out? (Thurgo's eyebrows indicate that he's unhappy when he responds.) Considering that Thurgo has told us a few seconds ago that he is an Imcando dwarf, when we ask, "Hello. Wouldn't Thurgo have told us a few seconds ago that he's an Imcando dwarf, and we have him say "Hello."

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