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There were issues with the control system, and it felt almost like the previous entry. The game did not do much to MT 2K22 PS4 make it better. It might not seem like anything, but the layout of the menus was heavily criticized, with some even calling them downright ugly.

One could argue that the greatest player to ever grace the cover of these games was Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K10. It was a significant installment in the series because of one main reason. It was the initial installment that included the MyPlayer mode.

It's still a popular choice over the past decade. Although the mode was not perfect, it was a very welcome addition to the franchise. Summer League and sideline reporter Doris Burke were also welcome inclusions. Alas, the game was not without its fair share of technical issues, especially after the game's release.

The ESPN license was added to the series in a huge way through ESPN NBA Basketball prior to the time that ESPN NBA 2K5 came out. This was a historic game since it was the final NBA game SEGA released prior to the time that the company was decided to sell.

The ESPN presentation was arguably the show-stealer but the game was cancelled after this one. Ben Wallace was the first person to host the game and was Allen Iverson's very first. There were two modes available, 24/7 and Association. Both received mixed reviews. The gameplay was great and it came with a price of Buy MT PS4 $20 tag, which makes it a great value.

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