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30.12.2020, 09:06 offline quote 

I was thinking last night, one of crying that Tyler Lockett missed out on Mut 21 coins grabs with all the chunk SITTING ON HIS CHEST WITH HIS BACK ON THE GROUND

My son and I played the last madden several times a week. I bought him this version when it fell and we have played it two together. He tried a few matches of MUT but that just ai not it. Hey guys!

Whoever buys and plays this game is just a MUT addict, the game is unplayable and filled with bugs. Gameplay is terrible.

I believe that buy Madden nfl 21 coins is pretty excellent. In addition, I don't buy them each year, so perhaps that is why I have another opinion. I think the main issue here is that their model of rolling out new games each year is just outdated.

They ought to focus on one game every five years or so, then update the rosters possibly via DLC. That way they can have more time to implement new features.

Also, I really miss NCAA soccer games... There could be new rosters every year, but the match would feel different every year. Such as the difference between 05 and 06. I just think the old xbox days of pumping out games annually is getting old for individuals today.

One match every five years also would mean people would not have to restart their MUT teams every year. You're right, of course, that a brand new release schedule could be a huge advancement --If EA handled it professionally.

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Warum nicht versuchen zu lernen, wie man online Geld verdient, ohne das Haus zu verlassen? Und wird Ihnen dabei helfen!

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