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Name: Play for CAV Dota 2# Cup 2
Slots: 35 / 32 (All Teams)
Play for CAV Dota 2# Cup 2
by Firebox Network and myRevenge e.V.

Tournament Info:
START: 14:00 Peru time
Check-In: 3 Hours before the Cup start
Only People from Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela can play in!

Matches in Round 1, Round 2, Semi-Final are of BO1
Grand Final BO3
Game for 3rd Placing BO1

Caster: (Spanish)

After Signup is finished, Each team will have to appoint 1 Leader to be the admins point of contact, the leader role is to stay in teamspeak the whole time for administrations. If any team doesn't have a point of contact the team will be disqualified

- Ip:


Sign up tutorial:

Admins Contact:
myRevenge: Noir e-mail: (ONLY ENGLISH)
Firebox Network: RodPhet e-mail: (Spanish)
Starts on: Saturday Dec 03rd 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Timezone: America/Bogota

In German Timezone: Saturday Dec 03rd 2016 @ 8:00 pm